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Turn your website into a monster lead magnet with SEO Rankings​. Get ahead of your competitors and sell more products and services with our SEO services. Acquire new customers by placing your website at the top of search engine result pages. We can help you with on-page and off-page SEO, local SEO via Google My Business and Bing Places.

How Our Search Engine Optimization Services Can Help You

We love adapting our strategies to offer every client the best organic seo services as well as local seo solutions that are tailored to the business models of every client. We make sure your website get ranked on the top pages of search engines especially Google and Bing.

With our organic seo services, we  can provide you local and international seo solutions to help you generate more leads for your business. With us as your search engine optimization agency, you will be getting more super targeted leads for your business without emptying your pocket on ads budget.

If you business provides local services, check our affordable local SEO packages. These packages can help you rank higher on local results of major search engines such as Google and Bing.

affordable SEO services. We provide int'l and local seo services to small and medium size companies

What Our SEO Services Include

We offer a complete Search Engines Optimization services which includes detailed components necessary for optimal results.  We know that without a properly optimization of your website, it would be very difficult for your ideal customers to find you online. Below are the six main components of our SEO services. We also offer services on single packages of these components in case you only need one component as a service.

Account Setup

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Webmaster Tools setup
  • Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking Set up

Audit and Analysis

  • Keyword Research
  • Top competitors research
  • Backlink Audit
  • Duplicate Content audit and fixing
  • Url structure analysis

Technical Analysis

  • Sitemap submission
  • Robots.txt
  • Brocken links correction
  • Product Markup – Schema HTML Tags
  • Rich snippets optimization

On-page SEO

  • Header tag optimization (eg h1, h2, h3)
  • Meta title optimization
  • Meta description optimization
  • Product image optimization

Local SEO

We optimize your business website using our local SEO marketing  techniques. Your business will be more visible to your target audience on Google maps and Bing Places.

Media Promotion

We get your website listed on business directories to boost your websites local seo which will expose your products and services

Off-Page SEO

  • Natural Backlinks outreach from high authority websites.
  • Boost your website rankings for better results on SERP with quality off-page seo strategies.


  • Product markup – Schema HTML tags (ongoing)
  • Monthly broken link correction
  • Monthly on-page crawl error correction
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Product description copywriting monitoring

Content Creation

  • Create blog post around your product or service
  • Product description copywriting and optimization (for ecommerce)

5 Key benefits of SEO for Small Businesses.

Before acquiring any search engine rankings service, you should know how such a service will benefit your business. Most people contract an SEO service provider just because they think it is a trend. Without understanding the benefits search engine optimization has on your business, you won’t acquire the right provider. Below are the key benefits of SEO to your business.

#1. Extensive growth from new customers.

One of the main reasons you have a website is to increase and differentiate your customer base if you think about it. It is a fact that companies that have a website grow twice as fast as companies that do not have a website.

Search engine optimization will help you get a better ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). Better ranking results bring more targeted visitors to your website. If you have the right product or service, you will experience extensive growth.

#2. Better rankings lead to greater brand awareness.

One of the hidden advantages of being in the top positions of Search engine result pages is brand awareness. Users are most likely to trust a brand when it first appears when searching for a term rather than brands with the right Web presence.

For a small business to build brand awareness (both locally and nationally), it needs to invest in SEO and get top positions related to its business. We are no longer in the 90s, and search engines play a significant role in building or destroying a brand.

#3. Bypass your competitors.

Imagine two companies selling similar products or services at comparable prices. One of them has a search-engine-optimized website, and the other has an unoptimized web presence. All Things Considered, which company do you think is most successful? Which company will acquire more customers from local SEO, and which company will grow faster?

Don’t ignore the power of search engine optimization. Never forget that if your competitors have optimized websites and do social media marketing, they will always win. On the other hand, if they are not doing SEO and you are, you will always outshine them and get all the customers.

#4. Increase your ROI (Return On Investment).

Unlike other marketing channels, search engine optimization has a higher ROI. In comparison with other forms of effective online marketing, SEO is the least expensive.

In addition to ROI, the conversion rate for an effective SEO campaign is over the roof. Visitors who discovered your website on search engines during a search are likely to engage with your business. There was a study conducted comparing the ROI of paid ads to that of SEO. The ROI of SEO is much better than that of paid ads, as shown in the image below.

ROI of SEO compared to that of Paid Ads

#5. Your business is open 24-7.

If you have the right SEO services provider, search engine users can easily find your business online regardless of their time-zone. Your business will be open 24-7, which means more lead generation and sustainable growth for your company.

Unoptimized businesses won’t benefit from any of the juice SEO could bring to them. Your optimized website will generate leads for your business on auto-pilot. You will get fresh business leads even while you sleep.

Process of our SEO services

We understand the importance of an effective SEO strategy to our clients. We have developed a step by step process for our search engine optimization services. Below are the various steps we use to get our clients the best result.

1. Keyword Research

Since everything about SEO revolve around keywords, we start by conducting useful keyword research.

We look for keywords your customers are actively using in finding products and services like yours. We always use long tail keywords since they are high in terms of converting your customers.

2. Competitors Analysis

Once we finish with keyword research, we create a list of the keywords to use in the optimization process. We then use these keywords and search google.

We take the top 4 to 5 results and go through their website, which helps us see their page quality. Lastly, with many analyses on these pages, we craft better-optimized content for your page.

3. Complete Website Audit

We do a complete website audit to find SEO issues your website might have. A website audit is significant because it helps us identify what we need to fix on the web pages.

We conduct an overall SEO health of your entire website depending on the package you book with us. We check things like duplicate content, broken links, missing titles, and more.

4. On-Page Optimization

After crafting or updating the content on your web pages, we go ahead and start the on-page optimization process.

We make sure your title tags, meta description, H1, H2, H3, image alt texts, and internal links are well optimized. Without proper on-page optimization, every effort for SEO is obsolete.

5. Content Distribution

We share your content on social sites like Facebook, Quora, or Instagram to ensure the right people get to see it.

When people share your content, it gives you high social signals, which search engines love. Social sharing will boost your ranking since search engines will find your website relevant. This step is also very important for faster rankings.

6. Backlinks Outreach

Since backlinks are still a pillar search engine optimization ranking factor, we start reaching out to web masters in your industry for backlinks.

It is worth noting that SEO takes time because of backlinks. So we make sure we get high-quality backlinks the right way to avoid penalties from search engines. Our SEO services are all about quality and long term lasting.

7. Google Analytics and Search Console Set Up.

We love keeping track of how your website is progressing in its ranking position. So we will submit your website on Google Search Console for indexing.

We also install Google Analytics on your website and set up a Goal conversion tracking. Goal conversion tracking helps in knowing what is working in the lead generation process.

8. Reports

Depending on your package, we will generate a monthly report if you want SEO work on your website every month. These reports will show the progress your website is making. We base our search engine ranking services on quality. Thus, we always ask our clients to be patient with results.

If you are looking for easy and fast SEO rankings, exit this page now because we can’t guarantee you such results. What we can assure you is steadily matured rankings, which is sustainable and long-lasting.

Different SEO Services We Offer

Ecommerce SEO

Generate more sales from your online store by getting your products at the top spot of Search Engine Results Pages.

No matter which platform your store is built on, our eCommerce SEO services will optimize your product pages for maximum exposure. 


B2B SEO Service

This service is for B2B companies that are offering Saas products, manufacturers with a distribution line and logistics companies.

Our  B2B SEO services are tailored to increase your products and services rankings for more leads and sales. Get the exposure your business needs.


Local SEO services are tailored for businesses that offer products or services to their local customers be it within the city or Country.

The following businesses will benefit greatly from this service. Lawyers, Plumbers, Car repairs, Roof or Floor repairs, Restaurants, Interior designers, wedding organizers etc.


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