Effective Local SEO Packages For Small Businesses

Your competitors are stealing all of your clients if you are not ranking high on Google and Bing.  Let us get you that top spot on Google local search results and Bing Places. We will increase your rankings with multiple keywords that are highly targeted and conversion oriented.

What is included in all Of our Local SEO Plans?

We know you might be struggling online to acquire new customers for your Business. This means you might have limited budget set aside for online marketing services such as this one. So in all of our local SEO Plans, we have included everything that will GUARANTEE success for your Business goals.. See all features below


Before doing any local SEO work for you, we will conduct a complete local SEO audit to check the accuracy of your company information online. If your company information is not accurate, you will be missing out on local rankings.


We will conduct extensive keyword research based on your competitors analysis. Use the right keywords to get you actual paying customers. With buying intent keywords, you will be attracting the right customers who are ready to buy from you.


We are going to build high quality citations for your business. These citations will be from top local directories like Yelp, YellowPages, Yell, and other top directories. These directories will boost your rankings as well as bring you qualified leads


GMB is Google My Business. Without a proper GMB Setup, your business won't be able to rank well locally. We make sure to properly set it up. Google My Business accounts that are properly setup, gets more exposures and better rankings.


After your Google My Business is set up properly, we will optimize it for best results. Your account will be optimized with the right keywords which will bring more leads to your business. This will get your company higher rankings on Google Maps.


Constant maintenance of your Google My Business Account by crafting posts that attract your target audience. Google rewards businesses that have regular postings with higher rankings.


Since Bing Local listings also bring highly targeted customers to your business, we do not leave this out. Once your Google My Business Account is set up and optimized, we will do the same with Bing. This will ensure you have leads from multiple sources.


Titles, descriptions, images, and posts will also be optimized. Your business will show up high on Bing Local listings. The end result is highly targeted leads attraction to your business.


Posting on your Bing Local listings account is also included on all our local seo packages. Regular postings will keep your customers engaged with fresh new offers, updates, coupons, and other related news about your company.


We also create local pages for your website. These local pages will target specific locations where you serve your customers .so that you show up high on Maps as well as on organic result. This way, your target audience will see your brand at least twice.


Of course our local seo plans won't be complete without showing you some progress. We make sure to provide you a monthly report to track progress of your local rankings.


As a bonus, we optimize your home page or service page to give you more site boost on search engines. Most local seo packages do not have this feature as it is more Organic SEO itself. But we know if we want you to stand out, we must include this.

Pricing of Our Local SEO Packages

Local Basic

£ 529 Monthly / OR One-time
  • Local SEO Audit
  • 3 Keyword Research
  • 10 Core Citation Building
  • GMB Account Setup
  • Optimize GMB Listings
  • 1 Professional GMB Posts
  • Bing Listing Setup
  • Optimize Bing Listings
  • 1 Professional Bing Posts
  • 1 Local Page Creation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 2 Onpage Optimization

Local Standard

£ 629 Monthly / OR One-time
  • Local SEO Audit
  • 5 Keyword Research
  • 15 Core Citation Building
  • GMB Account Setup
  • Optimize GMB Listings
  • 3 Professional GMB Posts
  • Bing Listing Setup
  • Optimize Bing Listings
  • 3 Professional Bing Posts
  • 2 Local Page Creation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 3 Onpage Optimization

Local Premium

£ 729 Monthly / OR One-time
  • Local SEO Audit
  • 8 Keyword Research
  • 25 Core Citation Building
  • GMB Account Setup
  • Optimize GMB Listings
  • 4 Professional GMB Posts
  • Bing Listing Setup
  • Optimize Bing Listings
  • 4 Professional Bing Posts
  • 3 Local Page Creation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • All Pages Onpage Optimization


The time it takes local SEO to show results depends on many aspects including your market size. The population of your area, and how aggressive you are with your local SEO strategy affect the timeline as well..

Our local SEO audit will take about 2 week to complete, and our team will need 3 weeks to build your citations and directory listings.

Once everything is set, we will continue to optimize other aspects of your website based on your local SEO package, and you should see optimal results in a month or two.

Google checks many factors before they can rank your business. The content of your web pages is also a very important metric they use.

If you offer many products or service types, it would make much sense to go with the Premium Package. 

Honestly, SEO shouldn’t be a once-off service. In today’s competitive market everyone is trying to get top rankings on Google. So your business will be going down if you sit without regular SEO. 

If you are on a tight budget, you can order every 3 months.

Sample of Our Local Listings Rankings

our own local seo results on Google for Munich
local seo rankings on Bing in Manchester. You could get such result with our local seo packages

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