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Can you really do an effective SEO without the help of Tools? If you say YES! I would love to be your student. Let’s face fact, search engine optimization is getting more and more complex than before. 


To make sure you are on the right track with your seo ranking efforts or campaign, you must use some websites and softwares to make your job easier and effective. I have put together a list of some of the best seo software tools that will easily get you a better Search engine rankings if used properly. 

5 Main Features Of Efficient SEO Tools

Please bear with me as I would love to cover these points before we move to the list. Because, these features and capabilities are what make SEOs consider a tool as one of the best. NOW WAIT!!! Ask yourself these questions;


  1. Can I conduct a better keyword research?

  2. Can I audit my website to check if I am doing the right things?

  3. Can I track my website rankings?

  4. Can I spy on my top competitors to see what they are doing right?

  5. Can I get opportunities for building backlinks?


For any seo software or tool to be considered optimal for your search engine optimization campaigns, it must have the above features. If the software or tool can answer the questions above, you should definitely go for it. Let’s elaborate more on these features to better understand why the seo software tools on this list are the best.

Better Keyword Research Capabilities

photo showing keyword research capabilities banner under the best seo tools characteristics

I presume if the word keyword research comes up, you might first think of tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Finder, KWfinder, Keyword Tool etc. 


Bear in mind that tools like Google Keyword Planner are only best for ads campaigns and not for SEO purposes. This is because, you only get keyword suggestions, search volume, cost per click and competition (only for paid ads). 


The best seo tools go beyond these common metrics shown by Google keyword Planner and other keyword research tools. You can see additional information like SEO difficulty, and your top ranking competitors. 


Checking the seo difficulty is extremely important because you wouldn’t want to go for a keyword with a difficulty score higher than 65. Unless your site or you are very authoritative in your industry. 

Website Audit

Like I mentioned in the keyword research section above, keyword tools can only give you keyword suggestions and a few metrics. An effective seo campaign does not end with keyword research. 


You must conduct a thorough audit on your website to make sure your whole site is in proper seo conditions. When it comes to website audits, there are 2 key parts you should take a look into. They are Onpage and Offpage Audits. Let’s see what to take note of;


With a perfect seo tool, you can properly analyse your website to check if you have done the onpage optimization properly. Below are the things you can analyse for onpage seo with these ranking tools.

Your Title Tags:
title tag demonstration for seo comprehension

Title Tags are very important when it comes to your onpage seo success. This is because it’s the first thing search engine crawlers look at. Your Title also appears on search engine results pages when users type in their queries and search. 


A great SEO tool should be able to detect missing or too long titles. Most people are not familiar with best seo practices, oftentimes forget about their title tags. If you are one of them, seo ranking tools are your best friend. 


If your page has a missing title, search engines will auto generate one for your page. The problem here is that this generated title might not be ideal to grab attention in order to get clicks on your result snippet.


The length of your titles should be no more than 65 characters. If it’s too long, search engines will slice it off from their search results. A perfect seo software should catch all the long titles and give you some good suggestions for improvements. 

Meta Descriptions:
meta description demonstration to understand seo sub topic

A meta description is the supporting text that appears under your title in the search results. Your meta description gives the user a sneak peek of what they should expect when they click on your display snippet.


If this is missing, again search engines will auto generate one for you. You should avoid this by all means. But if you are using a good seo tool, it is easier to find pages with missing meta descriptions.


Imagine trying to find this without seo software!! You will have to manually check the html code of all your web pages. This is something you should avoid at all cost unless you love doing that. 


SEO website audit tools will even show you the pages with very long meta descriptions. Again you know what is the problem with this like we discussed under titles.

URL Structure:

The url structure of your web pages is another important signal for seo. If your website generates a lot of dynamic urls, it might affect your ranking score. Dynamic urls can cause a lot of problems to your website. Because it might create duplicates of your web pages which will definitely affect your rankings.


Another impact on your rankings is from the length of your urls. If your urls are too long, it might be considered as spammy. This is because longer urls are often associated with keyword stuffing and spams.


Luckily enough for you, the seo tools mentioned on this article can spot this issue. You will see how many dynamic and lengthier urls you have on your site. This way you can easily fix it or higher a professional to do so.

Heading Tags like H1, H2, H3, H4 ...:

The H1 Tag is the main heading that the user can easily find on your page. This is the main topic of your page. To make your web pages more comprehensible, you should use the H2, H3, H4 and H5 tags. These are sub headings in your web pages broken down for your visitors to get a better understanding of your content.


SEO rank tracking tools will check your entire website and spot missing headings. These tools will also notify you if your headings are too long.

Content Audit:

These tools will check your entire site for the quality of the content. The indicators that these tools check are duplicate content and length of the contents.  You will be notified if you have duplicate content as well as pages with thin content. 


Without most of these tools, it would be very difficult for you to manually check these details. 

Internal Linking Structure of your website:

Internal linking means how are your web pages talking to each other through links. Pages that expand more about a topic from one page should be linked together. This way search engine crawlers and better understand your content. This will in return reduce or eliminate DEAD END pages on your website.


If you have a very small site with just 3 or 4 pages, you can manage this manually. Else you will need to use any of these seo softwares to properly check your internal linkings. 

Image Alt texts:

This is one part of onpage seo that most people still ignore till date. Image alt text is one of the most important onpage seo ranking factors. This is because search engines crawlers can only understand the images on your webpage through alt texts. Also alt texts help users who are visually impared to understand what your image is all about. 


SEO software ranking tools can detect images with empty alt text. This way you can go through all of the images and add a brief description on all images. It is very difficult to manage image alt texts manually because it takes time to look it up. 

Broken Links:

I am sure you would be disappointed if you click a link from a web page and you get “page cannot be found”. Both users and search engine crawlers dislike broken links as it is very bad for user experience. 


These quality performance website ranking tools, will crawl your entire site and detect broken links. With the result, you can easily see the pages with broken links and easily fix them. 

Other Onpage Audits:

There are quite a lot of other onpage audits that these seo ranking tools can do on your website. If we want to go through each and every one of them, I believe this article would be endless. The points above for onpage optimization are the most basic but very important. 


Below is a list of other onpage audits these seo software ranking tools can audit on your website:


  • Mobile Friendly of your web pages

  • Speed of your website on Mobile and Desktop

  • Page Status code

  • Indexing restrictions

  • Open Graph Markup

  • Structured Data Markup


These are things like the quality of backlinks you have on your website, your social signals. Seo ranking tools check the overall performance of your website from other external sources. 


Since it would be almost impossible to check this without a proper seo tool, having one of these tools will help you BIGLY.

Tracking Your Website Rankings

Tracking your website ranking performance is very important in your search engine optimization journey. Knowing your ranking position on major search engines is not possible without seo tools. If you know how your website is performing against your competitors, you can easily improve it. By improving your website, you can also track the success of your efforts.


Although Tools like Google Search Console is very good to check your performance, it is only limited to Google Search Engine. If you are on a tight budget, I would recommend using this Google Tool.


Good seo tools can track the performance of your website on multiple search engines all at once. You can check the performance of each keyword you are ranking for. Without seo softwares, this process becomes very technical and almost impossible to do manually.

Spy on Your Competitors:

To know what your top competitors are doing right without a seo software is practically impossible. If you are a programmer, you can build a web scraper that is capable of scrapping the entire internet. But I presume, you and I are not on that level of skill just yet. 


So using effective seo ranking tools is the best route we can follow. These tools will show you all the backlinks sources of your competitors. You can also find out which online platforms your competitors are actively present.


This way you  can easily analyse the structure of your competitors web page. After the analysis, you can improve the quality of your web page to outrank your competitors.


Seeing the backlink sources of your competitors, you can easily do an outreach to these sources and ask for a backlink. Now wait, I know you might be asking yourself if you will have to do the outreach manually. Don’t worry, seo ranking softwares can do this for you automatically. This is explained in the next characteristic.

Link Building

If you don’t know the kind of backlink you should be building, search engine optimization tools can really be of great assistance. Without these efficient ranking tools, you will need weeks if not months to do link reachout. 


Now you can automate this process with most of the best seo tools. Once you find your competitors backlinks sources, you can find the contacts of the web masters. So of the tools here like SEO Powersuite Link Assistance software can send out your link outreach message from the software. 


With these softwares, you can also see links potential reach from other high quality sources your competitors are not linking from. 

Best Search Engine Optimization Tools List.

Sorry if this article has become very long. I just wanted to point out what you should always look for to know if you are choosing the best seo tools. Now lets see these tools and point out their unique features. The list is of no particular  order because it all depends on your preference and budget.


I have indicated 6 main metrics of these softwares for you to make your choice depending on your preference. These 6 metrics are;


  • Available Plans

  • Functionality

  • Standout Features

  • Best use case

  • Drawbacks

  • Limits


Now let’s dive deep into exploring these seo tools with the 6 metrics I just mentioned above.

SEO PowerSuite

This a 4 in one seo software. You will have 4 specific softwares with their unique functionalities in one download. There is  SEO Spy-Glass, Link Assistant, Website Auditor and Rank Tracker.



Raven Tools have the following marketing softwares; Site Auditor, Marketing Reports, Data Connectors, SEO Tools, Social Media Reports, Serp Rank Tracker.




Screamingfrog is another desktop seo software that comes with quite a number of functionalities. From Search engine optimization to Conversion rate optimization. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Ubunto. So if you are using one of these operating systems, you can take advantage of this powerful software.



SERPstat is an all-in-one SEO platform for professionals. It comes with 5 modules. These modules are; Link tracking, backlink analysis, website audits, keywords research and competitor research. With this seo tool, you can keep track of all your projects, history and analytic reports. SERPstat is not limited only to SEO. It is also used by PPC Specialists, Content Managers, and Digital Marketers as a whole.



Before using any of these tools, you should make sure you knowsome basics of SEO. If you are a complete beginer, you can check out this blog of our top factors that influence seo rankings.


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